We offer a range of services that fall under what we call Digital Engineering. Specifically, we develop websites, design graphics, and write computer programs. In all of our work,
we strive for simplicity and elegance.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
— Leonardo da Vinci


We have extensive experience with programming, and know multiple programming languages.

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Web Development

We offer a range of services and cutting-edge technology to help your business grow online.

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Graphics Design

We appreciate clean, simple design, and are available to design logos, leaflets, &c.

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Our Process

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1. Discuss

The first thing we'll do is to sit down and discuss what you want from the project. We can have this conversation in person, over Skype, by phone, or whatever is best for you.

2. Design

This is the creative part, this is where we figure out how we're going to make your project awesome. The ideas are drafted using an ancient Chinese technique called bǐ hé zhǐ (pen & paper).

3. Develop

A working draft is created as soon as possible and can be made available online for continuous feedback if you wish. The project is then gradually improved and honed to perfection.

4. Launch

Finally, your project is complete! Depending on your needs, we can either launch the project for you in the form of hosting, printing, &c., or simply hand the finished product over to you.

Our Principles

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It's important to avoid clutter. Websites should be easy to navigate, layouts shouldn't overload the viewer with too much text, and a program's source code should be easy to understand.


We believe strongly in running a business honestly and ethically. There won't be any dubious extra charges on the invoice for “bespoke CMSs” or software that is available for free.


Everything is designed from the ground-up using open-source software and industry-standard principles to be as portable as possible. This means it should be viewable and editable on almost all devices.